Taxi Ticket Online Reserving

1.What is Taxi Ticket Online Reserving Product?

This product is contain pages for information and reserving online ticket for far trip and travel.users in web site can find and search best car between all type taxi car company and online reserve it.then with going to company and present follow number to company fetch ticket and print ticket by all specification.

2.Where is possible Application of Taxi Ticket Online Reserving Product?

This prodcut is possible application in your trip company. if you are employer of ca trip company this product is a good offer for you to handle online reserving and adding statisfcation on your many custommers.if you are trip company manager your can using from this product for advertising and raising custommer and level of technology in your product. also tourism company can be your partner for adding both custommer companes.

Taxi Ticket Online Reserving

Price: 1,500,000 To 3,000,000 Toman or $500 To $1000

Rating:[3 of 5 Stars]

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Product Details and Facilities

*Organization chart.

*Introduction Manager Team.

*City information and tourism.

*Find and online reserving trip beetween cites

*Picture news gallery.

*displace beetween cites.

*Track order and ticket

*Visit Facts Module.

*News Module.

*shop module.