Primary school beginners tester

1.What is Primary school beginners tester Product?

This product is contain pages for information and definition school beginer tester organization and forms for end user and student.also administartor users can be report more 120 printable report and proffessonal chart and MIS data from registered forms,alse this product is possible for end user with web asscess and for admin users by desktop powerfull reporter application.The test planner will automatically select the item test , based on designed standard test.list of all user and reporter by city seperated data is other accessoris for this product.

2.Where is possible application Primary school beginners test Product?

This prodcut is possible application in your office or school for test standard beginer student for all akes and sycologi problems .for student easy register this product prepare webform on internet access.also if you are employer of official tester or school in your city,you can offer this product for your organization and you can adding and customizing product feature for your school.

Primary school beginners tester

Price: 3,000,000 To 10,000,000 Toman or $1200 To $3400

Rating:[3 of 5 Stars]

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Product Details and Facilities

*proffisional chart and report for admin users personel.

*form and report managment for standard test form.

*register user for seif in web form on internet.

*more of 120 report.

*Routing registered user and detail of forms.

*Report Find and special user and sycology report.