ERP Modules

1.What is ERP Modules Product?

This product is contain pages for information and definition and registeration ERP standard module and added iranized module like personal,finance,requests,reports,tasks,planing,project managment, and all of the user peroperty for job in organizations.

2.Where is possible Application of ERP Modules Product?

This prodcut is possible application in your organization.for easy achivement and managing information for personal and planing tasks for administrator and special application for personal active options for user in project and report for thair manager and plan for hirachical user in organization cart.

ERP Modules

Price: 6,000,000 To 40,000,000 Toman or $2100 To $13200

Rating:[5 of 5 Stars]

Available Options Changing:

  • Template Changing:

  • Server Side:

  • Design Quality:

  • Hosting:

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  • Total number of pages:

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  • Domain Name(If not saved):

Product Details and Facilities

*chart of personel and organization structure.

*Introduction main Manager and Manage Team.

*register user for it.

*official user and requests.

*finance moudule.

*Download form module.

*task planing module.

*project management Module.

*future work planing Module.

*prfomance assessment Module.

*powerfull dashboard Module for every users.

*content management for administration.

*sms password reminder module.

*applicant module for new users.

*post and interactive email and posting module.

*daily report module.

*leave and performance module.