Civil Industry and Engineering

1.What is Civil Industry and Engineering Product?

This automation is a big varity industry feild and civil engineering that perpare for user to search and advertiding industry and product and exchange product and achivenent data and information for civil seminars,so user access to many develop industry feild for buy and sale and contract for end user or management site team.

2.Where is possible Application of Civil Industry and Engineering Product?

This prodcut is possible application in your civil and engineering and contracting company and biusness feild. this product can help you to find special and big customer that wants to self-advertiser and can help for users that want likely Estate finding,and contracting by spacial custommmer in your site. this product is also have a power full user profile for management registered data user with power online pay for chargeing account for using automatic faclility in site,also users can be aware from civil and general engineering news web site with RSS feed in index page from this product.

Civil Industry and Engineering

Price: 6,000,000 To 30,000,000 Toman or $2000 To $10000

Rating:[3 of 5 Stars]

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Product Details and Facilities

*power full user profile

*exchange and clearing module.

*civil seminar informer.

*power full Estate module.

*automation with partners.

*train and publication module.

*sale and buy car module.

*technical guide for civil engineer.

*consulting for build.

*Software for civilization.

*buy and find and sale civil materials.

*introduction automatic employment space.

*building Exhibitions module for professional advertising.

*Picture gallery.

*advertising and introduction contract company and civil industry.

*Tender module.

*Find likely Estate for contract with google map serarch.

*Visit Facts Module.

*News Module.

*RSS Module.