Advertising BusDriving Organization

1.What is Advertising BusDriving Organization Product?

This product is contain pages for information and definition bus driving organization and organization chart in iran,and contain map for routing bus between city stations.also all users can be report and register information of object that lost in bus envirnment and report finding object.The easiest way to plan a trip using transit - especially if you're unsure about which route to take or what time to take it - is to use the This product Transit trip planning widget on this pages. Alternatively, go to and use the Directions tool (be sure to specify "transit" as your mode of travel)! The trip planner will automatically select the best bus route for you to take, based on your origin and destination - it will even suggest trips operated by the AAATA when they’re more efficient. list of all bus routes, some common destinations served by each route, and their service periods and times. Click for a map and full schedule of the route.

2.Where is possible application Advertising BusDriving Organization Product?

This prodcut is possible application in your city bus driving organization.for easy routing bus for passengers in city streets is other usefull application.also if you are employer of busdriving organizaton or Municipality in your city,you can offer this product for your organization and you can adding and customizing product feature for your organization.

Advertising BusDriving Organization

Price: 2,000,000 To 4,000,000 Toman or $660 To $1333

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Product Details and Facilities

*Organization chart and structural of personel.

*Introduction main Manager and Manage Team.

*Advertising and register user for it.

*about city and Tourism.

*Picture gallery.

*Routing module.

*City bus Route map and Stations.

*Report Find and lost object.

*Visit Facts Module.

*News Module.